CoasterVille St. Patrick's Day Items: Everything you need to know


If you have some free land space in your theme park in CoasterVille, you can now fill it with a series of festive new St. Patrick's Day items. These items have been made available in the store for a limited time, and you can find them by looking under the "St. Patrick's" tab in the store. We're here with a complete guide to these new items and their functions in your park, so let's get started!

Irish Coffee Cafe

  • Costs: 21 Park Cash

  • Produces 320 coins for every 480 served

Charm Cart

  • Costs: 10 Park Cash

  • Produces 300 coins for every 300 served

Pot O' Gold

  • Costs: 9 Park Cash

  • Adds 22 Popularity Points to your park

St. Paddy's Arch

  • Costs: 7 Park Cash

  • Adds 18 Popularity Points to your park

Clover Tree

  • Costs: 2 Farm Bucks

  • Adds 4 Popularity Points to your park

Clover Patch

  • Costs: 400 coins

  • Adds 8 Popularity Points to your park

Step Dancing Show

  • Costs: 500 coins

  • Produces 120 Thrill Points every 24 hours

  • Adds 35 Popularity Points to your park

Lucky Fence

  • Costs: 517 coins

  • Adds 7 Popularity Points to your park

These items will only be available for 21 days. While there's definitely time for Zynga to add new themed items to the store before then, the St. Patrick's Day event itself is only six days away, so we wouldn't be surprised if this is all we'll see. Either way, we'll continue to bring you all of the news you need to know about CoasterVille, so keep checking back with us!

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What do you think of these St. Patrick's Day items in CoasterVille? Will you pay Park Cash to add any of the premium items to your park? Sound off in the comments!