CoasterVille Never-Wait First Aid Station: Everything you need to know

After the success of the Ever-Clean Restroom in CoasterVille, it was only a matter of time before Zynga started upgrading other buildings with special Park Cash perks. The next building to be given a similar treatment is the First Aid Station, which can now be replaced by the "Never-Wait First Aid Station" by purchasing the upgraded building with Park Cash.

To be specific, the Never-Wait First Aid Station is available to purchase from the store for 80 Park Cash. That's a little over $10 USD, but for that price, you'll receive a First Aid Station that serves pays out 100 coins for every 200 patrons served. However, instead of requiring you to constantly micro-manage the item and waste energy collecting its profits every time the building is "done," this building will automatically pop out your rewards and add them to your in-game total so long as the game window is open.

While that perk might not seem worth the price, if you're a constant player, you'll likely find that you need to save your energy wherever you can, and that the First Aid Station is one of the most heavily used items in your park. Combine those two factors and you have some incentive for actually purchasing the upgraded building. Whether or not it's actually worth the price, however, will ultimately be up to you.

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