Type This makes typing aptitude tests competitive on iOS


At one time or another, I'm sure many of us have taken a typing test just to see how many words we can type in a set amount of time. If you think your typing skills on iPhone are as great as your skills on a physical keyboard, you can now take part in a similar test against friends and strangers alike in Type This on iOS.

Type This is a competitive typing game that asks you to type phrases as quickly and as accurately as you can. In each three round match against friends or random opponents, you'll be able to spend coins to choose from a preset group of phrases or to create your own phrases that mean something to you and your buddies. Words appear at the bottom of the screen and scroll upwards as you type them correctly on the game's proprietary QWERTY keyboard.

The letters feel a bit small at first, and it's easy to make typing mistakes until you get used to this new keyboard. When you make a mistake, the rest of that particular word is lost and you're allowed to move onto the next. You can purchase power-ups that give you more time to type words, gold stars that are worth more points, or even a preview of the next word in the set.

Thankfully, if you choose the preset sentence sets, some of the words can be predicted based on those that came before. For instance, when given a phrase about a zebra, you'll be able to predict that the words after "A Zebra has stripes that are black" are "and white." Since speed is key to earning a ton of points, it's worth taking a chance on these predicted words just in case you're right.

You'll earn coins after each successful game, with more coins being available for purchase with real money. The game is also supported by ads, but they can be removed for a one-time $0.99 purchase. All told, Type This is definitely an interesting competitive word game, but it can make your typing finger a bit tired after you've played a few rounds in a single session, especially if you're an incredibly fast typer. Still, the game is worth trying out, even if you just want to test your own reflexes in a way you've likely never have before.

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