Make your way through ruins as quickly as possible in Aztecathon: The Great Maze Race on iOS


Indie game developers Assyria Game Studio and Enormous Small Things have partnered to announce the release of Aztecathon: The Great Maze Race on iPhone and iPad. The game gives players a chance to take control of marbles with personality that must travel from one end of a series of ruins to another without running into anything or getting lost along the way.

In each of Aztecathon's 24 levels, you'll control the marble by tapping on the right or left side of the screen to turn in those directions, making your way around corners and eventually into the end zone. The marble moves forward automatically, so your main goal is to avoid obstacles at all costs, even if it means adding extra time to the clock.


Boost pads speed up the marble over a short distance, and levels become longer or have more complicated turning patterns as you progress. Even so, the game takes a while to really become challenging, and it comes with a pop-up ad after every stage, which can get quickly annoying.

With only two dozen levels in this version of the game, we can only hope that Assyria Game Studio and Enormous Small Things release more content for the game in the future (along with more challenge), as this is one crisp experience that has the potential to be so much more.

Download Aztecathon: The Great Maze Race on iOS >

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