ChefVille 'Thai After Thai' Quests: Everything you need to know

The Thai food event in ChefVille continues to expand, as a new series of "Thai After Thai" quests is now available for completion over the next week. These quests will see you tending your Thai Garden and cooking tons of themed dishes, and we're here with a guide to help you get started. Let's go!

Dirty Work

  • Harvest Thai Garden 12 Times

  • Have 2 Mastery Stars for Thai Grilled Salmon

  • Give Chef's Services with Pad See Ew 10 Times

The Thai Garden doesn't necessarily have to be upgraded by this point to harvest it for progress, but you can upgrade it by collecting a series of 18 items with the help of friends. As for the Thai Grilled Salmon, this dish is available for cooking only after you've upgraded the Thai Cooking Station to its Expert level.

This upgrade requires you to collect seven Superb Spirits, seven August Aromas, seven Proud Presentations, seven Splendid Styles, and seven Fine Flavors. These items are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors.

We're working as quickly as we can through these remaining quests, and will bring you a complete guide to finishing them all off as soon as possible. Stick with us!

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What do you think of this final upgrade to the Terrific Thai Station? Have you been keeping up with all of these Thai quests? Sound off in the comments!

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