CastleVille 'Glumwort's Gaffe' Quests: Everything you need to know


A new mystery has been added to the swamplands outside our Kingdoms in CastleVille, and this mystery comes with five new quests that can be completed in the "Glumwort's Gaffe" series. You'll earn more land space for your Kingdom as you complete these quests, and we're here with a complete guide to doing just that, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Do it for the Bunnies

  • Explore the Gloom

  • Have 3 Gloomsquito Repellents

  • Clear 5 Grass

The Gloomsquito Repellents are earned by posting a general news post to your feed. The Gloom, meanwhile, is located on the southern side of your Kingdom, and it can be explored by having 100 Castle Level Points, one Exploration Crystal, and 1,000 coins. When you finish this first quest, you'll receive 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Glum in the Gloom

  • Craft 2 Purity Talismans

  • Craft 1 Glooming for Dummies

  • Feed 5 Goats

The new swampland in your Kingdom is covered with items that require Purity Talismans to uncover, so you can craft these by combining items like Ogres' Belches and Aquamarine in your Studios. As for the Glooming for Dummies book, this is created using four Yellow Feathers, five Linen Fibers, and three Cow Hides. The Linen Fibers are earned by posting a general request to your news feed, and a single Glooming for Dummies book takes 30 minutes to create. Finishing this quest gives you 2,000 coins and 40 XP.

Rooted in Gloom

  • Craft 3 Purity Talismans

  • Mine 10 Rocks

  • Craft 2 Super Clobbers

The Super Clobbers are created inside your Workshop using one Alchemist's Powder and two Wood Clubs each. Each one takes two hours to create, so plan ahead for this waiting time. You'll earn another 2,500 coins and 50 XP when you complete this quest.

Barrage of Beasties

  • Craft 5 Purity Talismans

  • Banish 2 Gloom Wolves

  • Craft 2 Compost Jars

The Wolves can easily be earned by tending items like animals and flowers in your Kingdom, or you can just draw them out using potions that you might have stored in your inventory. As for the Compost Jars, these are created using three Leaves, five Beeswax, and three Stone Blocks each. You'll receive 2,500 coins and 50 XP when you finish this quest.

Fount of Gloom

  • Craft 7 Purity Talismans

  • Clean up the Gloom Fountain

  • Craft 1 Batch of Mortar

The Gloom Fountain is found in this new swamp land expansion, and it requires lots of materials to clean. You'll need five Rubies, 10 Stone Blocks, two Pewter Polishes, and seven Aquatic Extracts. The Aquatic Extracts are earned via a general news post on your wall, while the Pewter Polish is created using five All Purpose Polish items, three Flaxseed Oil, and 10 Beeswax.

As for the Mortar, this item requires ingredients like Sand, Shells, and Stones to complete over a period of two hours. When you finish this final quest, you'll receive 3,250 coins and 65 XP. Of course, your work is really just beginning, since you new land space has plenty of additional roots, logs, and other nasty items that need to be cleared with additional Purity Talismans. Good luck!

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