Disney brings color to the world in Words of Wonder on Facebook


Disney Social Games' latest Facebook offering combines elements from titles like Candy Crush Saga and Boggle as players are asked to create words from random letter tiles, while also completing level objectives along the way.

Words of Wonder sees you helping a friendly owl bring color back to a beautiful book by creating words that are 3-8 characters in length. Words can be formed forwards, backwards, and even diagonally, so long as the letters touch in some fashion. The longer the word, the more likely you'll receive a power-up tile that can multiply your score or blow up surrounding letters, as examples.

Each level comes with a different objective, like clearing a specific number or tiles, or just forming a set number of words, and many have "move" limits, similar to move limits found in a match-three game like Candy Crush Saga. The more points you earn, the more stars you'll receive, and the higher you'll climb on your friends' leaderboards.

We'll have a complete review of Words of Wonder in the near future, but for now, feel free to jump into the game right now on Facebook.

Play Words of Wonder on Facebook >

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