WildStar Column: It's All About Soul

It's all about faith and a deeper devotion. It's all about soul, 'cause under the love is a stronger emotion... okay, enough of the greatest songwriter to ever walk this earth (the inimitable William Joel, Esq.). But Piano Man's classic ballad has a lot in common with why I'm looking forward to WildStar more and more this year. It has the sort of chutzpah to be something different and unique... while still retaining themepark MMO standards like questing, story, and so forth. It's going to give us our cake, and let us build stuff with said cake (I think I got that mixed up). As Gaffney told us recently on MMOFTW, the goal is to build WildStar into a hybrid between a sandbox and themepark: something they're calling a modern playground. But even if that wasn't the case? You know what would make me still check WildStar out when it launches? Mr. Malvolio Portius.

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