EA confirms shuttering of JetSet Secrets on April 9


Earlier this week, we spotted a news article on the EA / Playfish website that led us to believe that JetSet Secrets on Facebook would soon be closed. While there was little in the way of concrete details to go on at the time, we were unfortunately right. EA has confirmed that JetSet Secrets will be shuttered on April 9, with the disappointing news coming from the game's official Facebook fan page.

Players have been given the standard explanation for the closure, as EA states that "servers and resources" need to be reallocated to more popular titles. Apparently, one of the "more popular titles" in question is PopCap's Hidden Agenda, which plays very similarly to JetSet Secrets, but with a different theme.

JetSet Secrets was launched just last September, and we're honestly surprised that the game has been given such little time to thrive. Any remaining premium currency will need to be spent before April 9, but EA is offering 25 free Gems to players that jump into Hidden Agenda as a way of saying thanks. Hopefully, EA will promote Hidden Agenda more than it did JetSet Secrets, or the same fate could meet that hidden object game in just a few months.

Are you disappointed to see JetSet Secrets closed on Facebook? Will you take EA's offer of free currency in Hidden Agenda, or are you done with Facebook hidden object games for now? Sound off in the comments!