How about a $250,000 SimyCity Clone, That Plays Offline?

Did you pre-order SimCity? Are you fed up with not being able to connect? Do you wish you'd torrented it or bought something else instead? Well there is another option. A new Kickstarter campaign has been launched called Civitas, which purports to offer a lot of the features people feel are missing from the latest EA/Maxis offering.

The top of the Kickstarter boldly lists these claims:

Moddable, Community Driven, DRM Free and Single/Multi Player gaming. The latter two have been some of the biggest complaints of the new SimCity, since it uses always on DRM, thereby making the single player experience require an internet connection. Other features of Civitas include the ability to terraform the land, build structures, manage all aspects of the city (including transportation, utilities, emergency management, natural resources and commerce) and grow your city into a metropolis.

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