hosts its first ever hackathon March 8-9

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Most of the time we feature details on what other companies are doing, but on occasion we actually have our own news to share. Such as: This weekend, has partnered with the NYC Games Forum to host its first-ever hackathon/indie game jam at our NYC offices.

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If you have not been schooled about hackathons or game jams, it's an event where you gather a bunch of game makers together, give them a theme and 24 hours to create a game based on that theme. The winners take home a prize, and quite possibly, a prototype for a salable game.

Established game companies have co-opted the idea and have started holding game jams as a way to brainstorm new ideas. PopCap's social game Solitaire Blitz was the product of its periodic PopCamps.

But I digress. For our hackathon this weekend the theme will be Launch, in honor of the Development Center's impending launch. The "Dev Center," as we fondly call it, will be a way that game developers can distribute their games on AOL / For more details on the Dev Center, point your browser to

And, for more info on the hackathon, check out the official Meetup site: Registration is now closed, but you will be able to play the winning games on as early as next week.