FarmVille 2 Mushroom Shed: Everything you need to know

Something has long been missing from the barnyard in FarmVille 2, but now, that void is being filled in as pigs have finally been spotted in the game! These Pigs are introduced by Gus, who brings a Mushroom Shed to your farm! This Pig feature is set to be a huge one, as it's going to be released in four different stages. The first stage sees you building the Mushroom Shed (or Shroom Shed, as it's also called), and we're here with a guide to help you do that, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

The Mushroom Shed requires 30 building materials to build. You'll need to collect 10 Spore Bags, 10 Natural Stones, and 10 Shovels to finish it. These items are earned through a combination of general news items posted to your wall and individual requests sent to your neighbors. Once you've collected these parts, you'll need to ask four friends to be staff within the building to actually finish it off.

Once you've completed the Mushroom Shed, you'll find that it's very similar to the Christmas Tree event, in that it comes with four sets of quests that can be completed over time. A new set of four quests will be released each week, with only the first week of quests (so, four quests in total) being available right now.

As you finish each set of four quests, you'll receive a special prize specific to that particular set. If you can finish all four sets of quests, or 16 quests in total, you'll receive the special Wild Pig for your farm. Watch out though - this Pig and the overall event will only be active for completion for the next 35 days. Good luck!

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What do you think of this Mushroom Shed and Pig introduction feature in FarmVille 2? Do you think you'll be able to finish all of these quests before the event ends? Sound off in the comments!