Barn Yarn - Review

Name: Barn Yarn
Release Date: 05 March 2013
Developer: Playrix Entertainment

We have already restored the Garden, the Mansion, the Farm and now it is time for the Barn! Barn Yarn is like Gardenscapes meets Farmscapes where the gameplay is extremely similar to Gardenscapes, the the story connects with Farmscapes.

Barn Yarn is indeed a very delightful game, graphics are beautifully crafted, with excellent use of colors and shadings. Characters animate swiftly both within and out of cut scenes. The music is just as wonderful, relaxing and not too repetitive; voice overs are very good too.

Barn Yarn is basically a Hidden Object version of Farmscapes, instead of playing Match 3 - you are on the task of finding objects to earn money in order to repair your old barn. You will be completing scene after scene of Hidden Objects; each in different rooms such as office and cellar. Scenes do repeat but luckily, you do not need to find the same objects over and over again. The main aim of this game is straightforward, you find the object that the customer asks as fast as you can and earn as much money as possible. If you took too long time to find the object, the customer will be impatient and will pay you with less money.

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