This Report Explains a Key Pharmaceuticals Trend


In the following video, Motley Fool health-care bureau chief Brenton Flynn discusses some diverging trends in the prices of pharmaceuticals. According to Express Scripts' drug trend report, while traditional drug prices are down year over year, prices of specialty drugs have shot up almost 20%. These types of drug are typically more complicated to administer, difficult to discover or manufacture, and generally used for chronic or long-term conditions with few other options. Brenton tells investors why companies continue to shift its focus toward the lucrative specialty drug field.

Does lower costs = profits for your portfolio?
In 2011, a massive shift began. With the first of the baby-boomer generation reaching Medicare age, America's health-care landscape was forever changed. Combine the aging population with the impact of Obamacare, and the need for innovative solutions for skyrocketing health care costs is as clear as ever. Express Scripts is part of that solution, and in this brand new premium report on the company, we clearly lay out the opportunity in front of this misunderstood stock. Claim your copy by clicking here now.

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