Modern Malibu Manor Is Marvelous (House of the Day)


Some people like to play it safe, but not us. We think outside the box, and so do our friends at @MalibuPatch. With this modern Malibu marvel, they fought their way to the top of our #housepornthurs contest on Facebook this week. It was a tight race, though. Runner-up @FHAllenRealtors trailed by just a few votes with their respectable historic bungalow in Sausalito, Calif. Good game, guys!

On a pristine 17-acre lot, the modern Malibu home is breathtaking -- particularly because of those glimpses of the Pacific Ocean. Go inside, though, and it's like you're living in a modern art museum. Vaulted steel-framed ceilings line the home, with walls of windows going for what seems like miles. Two "cylinders" house twin bedrooms on one end of the house, and the master suite sits at the other end. There's a study, kitchen and living room in the central part of the house, all with the finest modern touches you can find. The living room will lead you to a large deck overlooking the pool outside.

Here's the best feature of the house, though: There's a private helipad for your jet-setting convenience. This property is "not for the faint of heart," the listing says. Try us, we'll take this gem any day. Read more about this amazing home at Malibu Patch.

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