FarmVille introduces new farm: Welcome to Atlantis

FarmVille Atlantis
FarmVille Atlantis

FarmVille rediscovered the lost world of Atlantis for its tenth FarmVille destination farm. Early access began on Monday this week. Although it costs Farm Cash to get there early, those who can wait it out will be able to travel there for free starting on March 11. For now, I'll breakdown what you can expect from FarmVille's newest destination farm and even though all of us haven't arrived in Atlantis yet, you'll want to continue reading for a special sneak peek of FarmVille farms to come!

Atlantis On Arrival
Reading can be dangerous. Remember not to fall asleep reading your favorite book or you may find yourself transformed into a mystical mermaid and thrown into the magical waves of FarmVille Atlantis. FarmVille borrows a page from Alice in Wonderland to transport us farmers into discovering the lost world of Atlantis. Of course FarmVille is never big on a storyline and it doesn't matter much as we'd rather get right to farming in our new virtual farming land acquisition.

So what exactly will find on your Atlantis farm when you get there? Here's the breakdown on what to expect when you finally arrive in Atlantis.

Farm Size & Plots

  • 12x12 farm

  • 12 plowed plots

  • No plot limitations

Additional expansions available (currently Farm Cash only)

  • Atlantean Storage Cellar

  • Atlantis Orchard

  • Atlantis Market Stall Coral Café (crafting restaurant)

  • Atlantis Craftshop

  • Marine Observatory (animal laboratory)


  • Clownfish Tree

  • Orange Sea Pen Tree


  • Moorish Irish Fish

  • Deep Sea Manatee

Atlantis Exclusive Features

  • Buckets escapades

  • Atlantis Garden

  • Atlantis Palace Atlantis exclusive quests

  • Atlantis exclusive escapades

For more details on each of these features check out the FarmVille Freak guide to Atlantis here.

More to Master, More to Craft, More to Construct
When we first heard of an Atlantis farm, we were all a little hesitant and concerned if underwater crops would be a part of our Atlantis world. FarmVille knows what's important to farmers and they've made certain that new crops are a priority in Atlantis just at they would be on any other FarmVille farm. Growing crops at the bottom of the ocean never looked so good and we've been treated to an array of new masterable crops such as the somewhat expected crops like Plankton, Shellfish, or Coral, but there's also the more creatively inspired Manta Mushroom, Pirate Potatoes, and Octa-Pumpkins. Even the familiar FarmVille pumpkins get a special makeover in Atlantis. Be prepared for new mastery challenges as you work on mastering new crops for their shiny mastery sign rewards, but besides the usual plowing, planting, harvesting-there's more work to be done in Atlantis.

FarmVille crafting enthusiasts, listen up. Atlantis boasts its very own distinctive crafting shop, the Atlantis Craftshop. The Atlantis Craftshop is where you can make FarmVille crafted goods. It's different from the crafted recipes that you are able to create in your Atlantis farm's Coral Café crafting restaurant. The Coral Café is where you will cook up recipes such as Sea Spongecake, Sea Biscuits, and Salt Water Taffy. In the Atlantis Craftshop you can work on the usual crafted goods, but you will also be able to conveniently craft up some parts that are required to expand your Atlantis Garden, another Atlantis exclusive feature. The Atlantis Garden is a constructible multi-level feature that can be harvested for Farm Coins. The bigger your Atlantis Garden, the more Farm Coins you will receive when it's harvested. If you are planning to work on expanding your Atlantis Garden, you'll have to get crafty as at least two construction materials, Marble Vase and Coral Shears, will need to be crafted in your Atlantis Craftshop.

We've come a long way from the humble Barn Raising in the beginning of FarmVille, but Zynga still loves a good construction project and there's always some feature or building with purpose (or not so clear purpose) that needs our attention. That's why there's also the grandeur Atlantis Palace begging to be built up to its intended glory. Gather parts the usual ways using friend help and special requests made on your Facebook News Feed. Atlantis Palace promises to reward you with goodies upon each harvest- but what it gives is always a surprise. After finally finishing up its multi-level construction phases, you're left with a fancy immersed Atlantis Palace and some pretty sweet eye candy for your farm.

Atlantis is a new FarmVille farm and many players will appreciate its unique design concept, as something different than what we've had thus far. They will be happy to accept another farming space and a place to hang their hats and escape. Some naysayers will wonder again how they can take on yet another FarmVille farm, but hopefully by now they've figured out a way to play FarmVille that they can enjoy instead of stressing over the toll of keeping up with ten farms. On that note, there are already rumors of what will be FarmVille's next destination farm. Everything comes in waves in FarmVille and after Atlantis is Australia.

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