Cling! turns your finger into a wall crawler on iOS

Do you remember Wacky WallWalkers, those toys that you could fling at the wall, only to watch it "walk" or "crawl" down until you picked it up and threw it all over again? The folks at First5 Games apparently loved those toys, as they've used them as inspiration for their new iOS game Cling!

Cling! is a side-scrolling platformer, but instead of using a virtual joystick or d-pad to control your clingy character, you'll tap and hold your finger on the screen to guide him through 90 levels. When you tap and hold on the screen, your character reaches out tentacles of sorts to hold onto pegs or other tools. When you let go, the creature lets go as well, so timing is key as you work to avoid traps like spikes, bottomless pits and electricity traps.

As players complete stages, they'll earn free currency that can be used to purchase hats and other accessories for Edgar, the game's main character, and power-ups will apparently allow Edgar to eventually fly through stages, rather than just "walk."

"Most platformers have the hero running and jumping. While brainstorming different ways to move we thought of those plastic toys from vending machines you'd fling against the wall as kids and it all came together," said Dustin Clingman, CEO, First5 Games, via a company release. "The result is an action-packed title with an entirely new twist on the classic platformer that all ages can enjoy."

Cling! is actually a pretty pricey iOS game, being available for $2.99 on iPhone and iPad. If you're looking for more info before making the investment, make sure to check out the game's trailer above. Or, why not try a simplified version of the game for free, right here on

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Have you tried Cling!? Did you used to play with these wall-crawling toys? Sound off in the comments!

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