Candy Crush Saga- What Makes It So Popular?

As much as we love Candy Crush Saga, there's little about this puzzle game that we'd call original. Its basic foundation of matching three or more similarly colored objects has been kicked around the gaming industry for years; case in point, Bejeweled, perhaps the biggest match-three game of them all. And yet, Candy Crush was downloaded over 10 million times in December 2012 across mobile devices alone, and one in seven people living in Hong Kong play it on a daily basis. That said, we fired up this addictive title to see what makes it so appealing, besides the fact that it's free.

Social Interaction

There's a good chance a Facebook friend sent a request your way for Candy Crush Saga, most likely to receive free lives. Annoying to some, yes, but a necessity for the Candy Crush faithful, but this goes beyond social networking. The fact that you can see which of your buddies has the highest score for each level (across Facebook and mobile devices) adds some much-needed personality to the experience while at the same time fueling one's competitive fire.


For the most part, match-three games play almost exactly the same. We'll stop short of calling Candy Crush revolutionary, but deserves credit for spicing up the levels. One puzzle may ask you to remove all the jelly from the board, while another challenges you to get various ingredients from the top of the screen to the bottom. This keeps the experience fresh while delivering something for gamers with different tastes and skill types.

Hunger Games

Let's face it, the various treats in this game look scrumptious. Sure, Bejeweled contains precious stones, but we're suckers for candy. Besides, the level select (Candy Town) reminds us of the old board game Candy Land. There's the recipe for success: make us hungry and tug on our heartstrings.

No Time Limit

You're free to take as much time as you like solving Candy Crush puzzles, and this makes the game appealing to casual players that can do without the stress of a constantly ticking clock. At least this way, you can relax on the couch, in the car or waiting in line swiping at your leisure.

Each Puzzle Is Unique

It may take upwards of a week or more to solve a particularly tricky puzzle, and this works in Candy Crush Saga's favor. There's a strategy involved that goes beyond using power-ups. You'll spend hours scratching your head attempting to uncover the solution. Finished? Don't worry, there are 240 plus puzzles to go.

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