When Al Gore makes a climate change game, he's super duper cereal


While Al Gore is definitely not the first name we think of when talking about social games, Al Gore's Climate Reality Project has partnered with Arnold Worldwide to create "Reality Drop," a social tool with gaming mechanics that works to educate users about worldwide climate change.

Reality Drop isn't a traditional game, but is instead a kind of social networking destination that works to "destroy denial" about climate change by aggregating appropriate news articles from hundreds of sites around the web. If the article contains information that even slightly relates to the climate or humanity's effect on the world, you'll likely find it here. Regardless of the article, each is combined with scientific facts, study results, and more that either back up the content in the article or argue against it.

The site becomes a "game" as players are given points for posting comments on these articles. If the article spreads what Reality Drop calls rumors or denial about climate change, players can post scientific details that support that claim in something that's literally called a "reality drop." As you earn points, you'll climb the site's leaderboards, earn new ranks, badges, and more.

If nothing else, Reality Drop is definitely an interesting new form of social gaming, and you can learn more about it here.

Have you tried Reality Drop? Do you think other news websites could benefit from social gaming mechanics? Sound off in the comments!