Tiny Tycoons turns the real world into Monopoly on iOS

After Booyah stopped supporting the original MyTown last year, a void was left in the geolocation game genre. One could argue that MyTown 2 offers enough to fill in that void, as it allows players to purchase real world locations for their virtual cities, but the game has plenty of technical problems that have stopped it from bring perfect. The Tap Lab hopes to fill in the void left behind with MyTown's closure, as it's preparing to launch Tiny Tycoons on iOS.

Tiny Tycoons looks to mix the business-purchasing element from MyTown with the competition of Monopoly. Players will be able to purchase their favorite neighborhood hang outs, but instead of allowing multiple players to own the same building, only one person can lay claim to a single location. While players in smaller cities will likely be able to claim all of their favorite locations without much competition, those in bigger cities will likely have a harder time of things.


Gamers won't be forced to stay in one location, however, as they can freely travel all around the world using virtual plane tickets or the game's premium currency. If you've always heard great things about a restaurant in London, or have always wanted to visit a museum in Paris, you can do so virtually and even purchase that building for your real estate catalog. Of course, you'll need to do so before anyone else can get to it first.

What's more, Tiny Tycoons allows you to edit a cartoon avatar using accessories you'll collect while playing. Your avatar can even visit locations within your town, like a coffee shop where they can purchase beverages. Employees will need to staff these businesses, and you'll supply businesses with items that earn money over time, similar to how you supply floors in Tiny Tower in order to earn money.

Tiny Tycoons will launch on iOS later this month. If you're as excited about the game as we are, make sure to keep checking back with us as we'll bring you a full review when the game goes live.

Are you excited to play Tiny Tycoons on iOS? Do you still play geo-location based games like MyTown 2? Sound off in the comments!

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