Subway Surfers pulls in 130 million users and keeps them there


When Subway Surfers launched last year, we praised the game for being an excellent endless runner that arguably tops even the biggest name in the genre: Temple Run. It looks like millions of other player agree with us, as the game has been downloaded over 130 million times across iOS and Android devices.

Built via a partnership between SYBO Games and Kiloo, Subway Surfers doesn't just get players to download the game once and then walk away, as the game, according to Kiloo, sports a user retention rate that's three times the industry average. The company has released some interesting stats about the game, letting us know that after their first day with the game, 91 percent of users come back to play the game the next day. The number drops off after that point, but all of the figures are still impressive.

After the first week, 81 percent of players are still coming back to Subway Surfers, and after a full 30 days, 60 percent of players are still gaming. Via content updates including "Subway Surfers Rio" and "Subway Surfers Rome" players have plenty of reasons to keep running and dodging trains, as new characters and environments keep the game feeling fresh, rather than allowing it to grow stale. This translates into the most impressive figure of all, as Subway Surfers currently pulls in 25 million players each day.

Subway Surfers definitely doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon, but if you've yet to try the game for yourself, you can now download it for free on either iOS or Android.

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What do you think of the new content updates and locations in Subway Surfers? Do you still routinely play this endless runner, or did you leave it behind for other things? Sound off in the comments!