'Soda Drinker PRO', A Game In Which You Drink Soda, Enters Steam Greenlight


Tell me in advance if your mind can handle this: Soda Drinker PRO is an FPS (First-Person Soda) that might be far more of an existential meditation than you could ever possibly imagine. Someone up high was impressed enough to load it onto Steam's Greenlight slate, a prestigious place for an indie developer because getting selected means being sold through the Steam store without a bunch of industry relations. If it gets picked up, a further 100 levels are promised. That's right, that's a total of 105 levels of soda-drinking ecstasy.

If you haven't given Soda Drinker PRO a chance yet, you should; the first few levels are available through their site. You never really get past the amateur production values, the smears on the walls that constitute the levels, the low-poly props, or the mouse-clicks at the end of the narrator's quips. Oh no, you look past those because the game is a kind of transcendental experience, one that only your mind can put together, not any developer or game rules. I can't quite describe the euphoria of walking around these arenas while meditating on the supernatural value of soda.

Or something.