SimCity (Windows) Cheats

SimCity Ok, we all knew those other city-building games could only hold us over until the next SimCity came out and now, the king of city-sims has returned. If youCheat Happens were bored with being a normal mayor, there's good news for you. In SimCity, you'll enjoy being promoted to a hybrid of both a mayor and a god. The power you inherit from your rule over your city can be used for tremendous good or a terrible (terribly fun) evil. For instance, you can choose where to put a winding river, which around it, you can build a gorgeous city skyline with a flourishing economy and great school systems. If the fun factor of being a good-hearted ruler wears off, you can always watch an earthquake, tornado and even a fire-breathing dragon terrorize your town. There's just a certain joy people feel in brutally destroying what they also helped make beautiful.

Cheat Happens has a supply of cheats you'll need in order to create the utopia (or dystopia) of your dreams (or nightmares). You'll be so proud of your friendly city when you turn on the No Crime cheat and you'll be rolling in dough with the cheat that adds $100,000 to your inventory.

SimCity is out now for PC and soon for Mac OSX.

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Watch SimCity in action below.

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