From Scandal To Bigger, Better Careers: 5 People's Stories

Eliot Spitzer recovered from scandal
Eliot Spitzer recovered from scandal

If you find yourself standing at a podium, beside your stone-faced wife, explaining that you need to take personal time to regain the trust of your family, your political career is likely over. But while Eliot Spitzer's penchant for female escorts may have cut short his term as New York governor, his career rebounded fast. Spitzer became a columnist, adjunct professor, and TV host, and hasn't ruled out another run for office.

The American people can be a fickle bunch, condemning some transgressors to eternal oblivion, while forgiving others in a flash. Here are a handful of individuals who resigned in scandal, but through a unique array of strategies, managed to bounce back with new, re-energized careers.