Samsung Galaxy S IV Launch Buzz

Samsun galaxy s3 phone
Samsun galaxy s3 phone

The frenzy over the launch of the new Samsung Galaxy S IV increases by the day. The smartphone will replace the wildly successful Galaxy S III, which has been called the Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPhone killer. If the Galaxy S IV is as good as billed, the iPhone will be slaughtered.

However, some observers are not quite as excited about the new phone, because they do not expect much of an upgrade from the Galaxy S III. CNET reports:

There's one complaint that often crops up with the Galaxy S III: it feels "plastic-y."

At a time when competitors are using glass, aluminum, and even higher quality plastics such as polycarbonate, Samsung has stuck to its guns with a thin, bendable plastic body.

Which is why the Galaxy S4 won't stray too far from that design philosophy.

The Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to be unveiled on March 14.

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