Zynga's awaited retort to Temple Run hits Canadian App Store running

Running With Friends
Running With Friends

Would you have it any other way? Running With Friends has finally launched on the Canadian App Store, according to an in-depth interview and report by VentureBeat. As the title implies, this is the developer's first endless runner game on iOS, in which players control a contestant in the Running of the Bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain.

Of course, it's not as intense as the real deal--the game is presented in a cutesy, cartoon art style featuring the same characters found in Hanging With Friends. Like its obvious inspirations, players must swipe and tilt to jump, slide and switch paths to keep on running for maximum points. Players will have many customizable options available to them, including quirky outfits for characters like ninja garb and zombie costumes.

According to VentureBeat, Running With Friends was developed by Eat Sleep Play, best known for "hardcore" games like Twisted Metal: Black and Warhawk. Being a With Friends game, players have the option to create challenges for their friends, send messages to said friends and keep track of their scores on leaderboards. However, whether Running With Friends sees a release in the U.S. likely depends on how it fares in Canada. Remember The Friend Game?

"Canadians" can download Running With Friends right here >

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