Review in Progress: SimCity is building our hopes towards multiplayer


In its heart, SimCity is a multiplayer game. You can play it alone, but to get the most out of EA and Maxis' new city-building simulator, you're going to want to play online. After all, multiplayer has been one of SimCity's focal points heading into launch -- the ability to connect with friends, share resources, and build not just an individual city, but an interconnected region. Oh, the possibilities.

Despite the limitations placed upon my game due to the servers not being live, there's still plenty to experience -- and love -- with SimCity ​-- specifically, the actual concept of the game. SimCity has been around since 1989; there's a reason this franchise has survived the test of time. Simply put, building a city is fun. It's even more fun to watch that city function, and thanks to the new GlassBox game engine, you can get closer to your little Sims than ever before.

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