Play your favorite flash games in a whole new way with 'Nitrome Touchy'


Have you ever wish that your smartphone screen could be bigger? Or that every single time you play your favorite games on your smartphones, your eyes strained? Or have you ever get frustrated by the fact that you cannot control your computer games properly? If the answers are yes, then Nitrome Touchy will solve all of your problems! is an independent game development company based in London, UK. The company usually develops online flash games both single-player and multi-player, as of March 2013 - there are now over 120 Nitrome Limited games! Nitrome's games are recognizable of their pixel-art characters and levels designs and yes, they are very entertaining, addicting and best of all, family friendly.

'Nitrome Touchy' is the latest project from Nitrome where Nitrome joined with the talented team at Brass Monkey. Nitrome Touchy is a brand new app that lets you play Nitrome's browser games in a whole new way - your smartphone is the

controller while your computer monitor is the screen! Whether you'll be flicking snot using your phone like a Wii Motion Plus controller or playing Double Edged with 3 of your mates, Nitrome Touchy will enhance your Nitrome gaming experience. Yes, you didn't got it wrong - you can play Nitrome Touchy with up to 4 friends if the game supported the multiplayer format.

Upon download, you will instantly get 2 'Free' game; the incredibly entertaining Swindler and the crazy and cute Super SnotPut with over 13 other games available upon only $4.99 bundle-purchase; and Nitrome promises us that there are at least 20 more games on their way.

Nitrome Touchy is currently available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.

For more information, please visit the homepage or watch the video below...