Lost Planet 3 Gets A Release Date And Trailer


Lost Planet 3 is due for release on June 25 in North America and June 28 in Europe, Capcom has announced today along with a new trailer and the boxart for the game.

"The extreme conditions that characterized the Lost Planet series return, harsher than ever before, with the release of Lost Planet 3 across North America on June 25 and in Europe on June 28. The latest chapter in the Lost Planet series will be available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC."

The announcement of the date and trailer came with this rundown of the game's story: "The trailer continues the story of Jim Peyton's time on E.D.N. III as a NEVEC employee seeking out further sources of the planet's energy supply T-Eng. During one of these missions, Jim comes under attack from E.D.N. III's indigenous Akrid, causing his Utility Rig to fall down an icy fissure, leaving him unconscious and injured. Jim wakes to find himself in what appears to be a secret base, hidden beneath the planet's frozen surface. On discovering he was rescued by one of the base's inhabitants, Mira, the daughter of Snow Pirate leader, So'ichi, Jim realizes that NEVEC are not the only human inhabitants of E.D.N. III."

The new release date is a delay over what was expected for the game, last year Capcom had said the game would be releasing "early 2013" however I'm sure fans of the series will be happy to get new information on the game and finally a solid release date.

Personally I have never been a fan of the Lost Planet series, it always felt too clunky, the characters carried a lot of weight so it felt sluggish and slow to me, however Lost Planet 3 is the first in the series to be developed by a Western team so hopefully the game will be a bit more accessible this time around.

Lost Planet 3 is due for release on June 25 in North America and June 28 in Europe on the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.