FarmVille Pot O' Gold Countdown Has Arrived!

There's a new countdown in town, the FarmVille Pot O' Gold countdown and it's St. Patty's Day themed of course!

The countdown kicks off with day one and the daily prize is a free Shamrock Tortoise and he's a cutie. You will need to collect 3 stamps by posting a Facebook News Feed share. When one of your friends clicks on your share, you will get one item per friend that clicks. Remember, when you click on a neighbor's share, you will also get one item for yourself. Help a friend, help yourself!

You can request help every 6 hours. After fulfilling the collection requirements, you can find the the Daily Prize in your FarmVille Gift Box. Once you complete each of the countdown's Daily Prizes, you also get a bonus prize. There are 16 days of prizes and one exclusive bonus prize, the Pot O' Gold Pegasus when you collect all 16 daily prizes.

FarmVille Mohammad's Pot O Gold Prizes Revealed

FarmVille Mohammad's Pot O Gold Prizes Revealed

FarmVille Pot O' Gold Countdown Prizes:

FarmVille Shamrock Tortoise

FarmVille Irish Stoat

FarmVille Red Grouse

FarmVille Irish Tree of Life

FarmVille Lucky Badger

FarmVille 3 Pack of Turbo

FarmVille Irish Garden Ball

FarmVille St. Patrick's Tree

FarmVille Stout Tree

FarmVille Irish Fox Cub

FarmVille Leprachaun Horse

FarmVille Mystery Game Dart

FarmVille Gold Pot Tree

FarmVille Golden Goose

FarmVille Irish Wolfhound

FarmVille Blarney Castle

FarmVille Pot of Gold Pegasus (Bonus)

FarmVille Pot of Gold Pegasus (Bonus)

What do you think of the Pot O' Gold countdown, FarmVille Freaks? Which prize is your favorite?

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