Combo Crew brings co-op beat 'em up action to mobile this year


Squids developer The Game Bakers has revealed the first details surrounding its upcoming iOS and Android title Combo Crew. Inspired by the classic "beat 'em up" games of old, Combo Crew will star three fighters trapped in a tower as they fight their way to the top, and to freedom.

Using slash and tap gameplay, players can attack waves of enemies in Combo Crew by swiping left and right, up or down, with one or multiple fingers. From the game's first gameplay footage, it looks like different combinations of taps and swipes will result in different moves being performed on screen. If your currently active character ever goes down for the count, one of the two other heroes will automatically come into take his place until the game ends or all three characters have been defeated. Adding in an interesting multiplayer mechanic, Combo Crew will allow for asynchronous, cross-platform cooperative player, so that gamers can play with each other regardless of the device or platform they happen to be using.

"With Combo Crew, we wanted to bring back the spirit of the old console beat 'em ups -- the ones you used to play on the couch with your buddies -- in a way that makes sense on modern mobile platforms," says Emeric Thoa, The Game Bakers' creative director, via a company release. "Games like Street Fighter and Final Fight require a D-pad controller, and that just doesn't make sense for touch devices. So we challenged ourselves to make a brawler with really good touch controls. And we're pretty sure we've pulled it off!"

Combo Crew will launch sometime soon on iOS and Android. If you're interested in learning more, check out the gameplay footage above for more.

Are you excited to try Combo Crew on your iOS or Android device? Do you think the beat 'em up genre works well on touch screen devices? Sound off in the comments!