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Word games continue to dominate the iOS charts, thanks in large part to Zynga's contributions. The company's newest smartphone and tablet effort, What's the Phrase, plays similar to Wheel of Fortune, but with power-ups and multiple guesses per round. That said, thousands of players will put your vocabulary and trivia to the ultimate test. Don't underestimate the competition. Instead, transform yourself into a What's the Phrase mastermind.

-Use Power-Ups: Puzzles will be much easier to solve if you spend coins on these helpful items. Bomb (40 coins) lets you place three explosives onto your opponent's board that, if pressed, reduce his or her score by 2,000 points. Meanwhile, Eliminate (15 coins) erases unwanted letters from the screen, Educate (20 coins) adds one free consonant without having to spin and Spin Again (30) gives you a free spin.

-Always remember vowels cost money. A, E and I are 10 coins apiece, while O and U are five gold coins each. We suggest saving your virtual loot for power-ups.

-Seek to earn as many points as possible. The more you have at the end of a game, the easier it will be to earn free coins.

-Tired of watching the wheel spin around? Tap the screen to make it stop.

-Also tired of watching your opponent's turn recap? Repeatedly tap the screen to skip it.

-Down to your last turn with most letters revealed? Take your time and consider solving the puzzle instead of spinning. By doing this, you avoid losing a turn or even worse, going bust.

-Pop-up ads throwing you off? Upgrade to the premium version of the game for $2.99.

-So long as it's your turn, you can always solve the puzzle, even with no spins remaining.

-You need to officially resign to stop playing with someone. Do this after winning or losing a round. Look for the Resign button in the lower left hand corner of the screen.

-You can unlock new categories by spending different amounts of coins.

-Collect prizes in the Bonus Round to complete collections of items, thereby unlocking new categories.

-Still waiting for someone to respond? Start a new game. Have as many going as possible to keep from getting bored.

-You can only keep points if you solve the puzzle.

-Send prizes to opponents by clicking the Send Gift option.

-Low on coins? Buy more for the following amounts: 400 ($1.99), 1,150 ($4.99), 2,400 ($9.99), 5,000 ($19.99), 8,100 ($29.99).

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