Top 10 iPhone And iPad Games Of February 2013

February has already slipped through our fingers, and it's been another great month for mobile gaming. A fan of 19th century Swedish folklore? Marvelous - there's a mobile game just for you. Perhaps you prefer more traditional platform and action games? There's plenty of those too.

Here are Modojo's top gaming picks from the month of February - make sure you don't miss out on these must-have games.

Year Walk

If a more curious game than Year Walk hits the App Store in 2013 we'll be amazed, and frankly rather pleased given how much we enjoyed playing it. Eccentric and mysterious, this fresh take on classic adventure gaming left us scratching our heads more than once as we explored the gloomy forests of a 19th century Sweden packed with cryptic puzzles. Definitely one to play if you crave something a little different on your mobile.

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Clear Vision 2

Clear Vision 2 certainly isn't one for the squeamish, but we were left very impressed with the slick production values and mission variety of this contract killing sniper game. Taking charge of a down-on-his-luck agent on a mission to track down the love of his life, the game is packed with plenty of black humor and extraordinary attention to detail.

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Toy Story: Smash It!

This gorgeous 3D physics puzzler will delight fans of the Toy Story films, and it features cameos from all the famous characters from Woody himself to Rex. Disney has packed 60 ingeniously designed levels into the game, and even the most jaded Angry Birds gamer will find something to get excited about here.

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Cyto really caught us by surprise when we reviewed the game last month. Expecting yet another generic physics puzzler, what we found instead was one of the most original and charming games we've played in 2013. Help the stretchy and loveable Cyto regain fragments of his memory and find his way home in this extremely atmospheric puzzler.

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Cordy 2

If you prefer your gaming to be a little louder and brasher, then you'll want to make sure you download Cordy 2. This platforming sequel is bigger, bolder and has even better production values than the original game. The free version of the game gives you four worlds to mess around in, and we don't think it'll be long before you shell out for the full game.

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Roar Rampage

Roar Rampage is one of the most enjoyably daft games we've ever played on our phones. Take charge of a Godzilla-like creature on a murderous rampage through cities and jungles, as you smash the scenery to smithereens with his gigantic pivoting arm. Roar Rampage is packed full of variety and content, and will kill as many commutes as you can throw at it.

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Gun Bros 2

If you're in the mood for a little murderous action, Gun Bros 2 has everything you need. Guns? Check. Psychopathic, weapon-toting characters? Check. Brutal and bloody boss fights? Yep, this game's got it all. On top of all the arcade action, you can even customize your weapons to add a very personal touch to the mayhem.

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Line Runner 2

Your first few minutes with Line Runner 2 are likely to be full of frustration rather than fun, but give a little more to this endless runner and you'll soon find yourself hypnotized by its incredibly challenging platforming action. You'll need to be on top of your game to deal with the deadly and dynamic obstacles of the game, but once you get in the zone you'll find it impossible to leave.

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Turbolab Pursuit

This 2D racing gaming mixes up the runner and shoot 'em-up genres to create an experience that's quite unlike any other on the App Store. With thousands of customization options, this free game's going to keep you busy for a long time as you race to escape from your lab before the local mafia can get their hands on your prized invention.

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Rock Runners

This fantastic platform game from Chillingo packs in 140 levels, and you'll need all of your gaming skills on hand to handle the precision leaping and swinging necessary to get your runner through every one of them. As well as playing great with its one-touch controls, the game looks fantastic too and there's a huge amount of detail packed into the scenery.

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