Tomb Raider (Windows) cheats, trainer

Tomb Raider (Windows) Cheats, Trainer Since the original Tomb Raider made its splash on the action-platformer scene in the mid-90s, our time with Lara Croft has since been so-so with its many sequels and uninspired franchise reboots. Many franchises like Uncharted sit comfortably, unchallenged on the same legendary territory that Tomb Raider once conquered and for years, Lara's journeys haven't emitted even a faint growl at the ambitions of its competitors. Like a true hunter with pride to prove, Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics waited in the shadows and observed the triumphs and follies of its competition and now it's ready to strike.

Tomb Raider's classic combination of adventure, survival and action gameplay mechanics promise to bring the warrior out in players both old and new. With a brand new story and challenging puzzles to face, Cheat Happens deserves a spot on the Cheat Happensgood, old survival belt, right next to the canteen. With a combination of hardcore cheats like Disable Crosshair and Increase/Decrease Game Speed as well as general cheats like Unlimited Health and Ammo, you'll be sailing smooth no matter what kind of trouble Lara gets into.

Tomb Raider releases today, March 5th for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Check out the trailer and celebrate a classic franchise reboot done right.

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