EA shutters RISK: Factions on Facebook later this month

When Electronic Arts and Playfish launched RISK: Factions on Facebook at the beginning of 2012, the game started out on a rocky road, simply because of its genre. Strategy and "core" games still have a hard time taking off amongst the puzzle or "Ville" games on Facebook, and ultimately, the game apparently didn't perform as EA had originally hoped. Unfortunately, the game's life cycle has now come to an end, as EA has announced that RISK: Factions players can have their last battle on Facebook on March 31.

The news comes by way of the company's service updates page, but the 10,000 or so monthly active users that still play the game will also be given the news the next time they login via a page banner and a link to some FAQs. If players have any premium currency remaining in the game, they'll be lost after March 31, with no transfer options available to move that currency to another game. Here's the official word from EA:

"Occasionally, we have to retire games in order to re-allocate servers and resources to more popular titles. We hope you've enjoyed playing RISK: Factions as much as we've enjoyed making it. Thank you for everything you've added to the community."

While RISK: Factions had great gameplay, it never seemed to be publicized enough to stand out amongst the thousands of other games available on the site. It's s shame to see it close, but if you'd like to get in one last game, make sure to do so before the game is gone for good on March 31.

Are you upset to see EA close RISK: Factions on Facebook? Did you like the Facebook version of the game more than the similar title released on consoles? Sound off in the comments!

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