Is JetSet Secrets the next game on EA's chopping block?

Unfortunately, all current evidence says "yes." While EA's recent closure announcement for RISK: Factions on Facebook may have come as no surprise, we've discovered even more interesting news surrounding one of EA's other Facebook games: JetSet Secrets.

EA / Playfish's support website currently contains an article called "JetSet Secrets Service Update." As of this writing, clicking on the link for the article takes you to broken page with an address stating "JetSet Secrets is being retired." This is the only mention of the game being shut down, as the game's forums, Facebook fan page, and EA's overall service updates page are quiet on the matter.

However, there's more than just this broken link that should cause some concern, as the game's official Facebook fan page hasn't been regularly updated with game content since February 23. Prior to this date, the page was updated at least once per day, giving active players freebies to use within the game. While a quiet fan page doesn't instantly spell doom for a title, this all does seem a bit too coincidental.

After launching in September, we praised JetSet Secrets for being arguably the best hidden object game on Facebook, so it would be unfortunate to see the game sunsetted so soon. We've reached out to EA for any further information on the matter, and will update this space if we hear back.

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Would you be sad if JetSet Secrets closed down? What's your favorite Facebook hidden object game? Sound off in the comments!