SimCity (2013): Master the art of 'mayor' with these helpful guides

SimCity cheats tips
SimCity cheats tips

On March 5, you will be violently ill and forced to stay home. At least that's what you told your boss, right? And with good reason: The new-and-improved SimCity is finally here. EA and Maxis are to blame for eating up your sick or vacation days prematurely, but if you want to maximize your time spent away from the real world, these guides from some of the best gaming news outlets around might do the trick.

The power of three

Sometimes, all you need are a few pointers to get you going. That's the approach that Shacknews has taken, with three tips for you to live by as you guide the fine folks of your city to a glory or gory life in SimCity. Learn your new holy trinity right here.

Comprehensive coaching

On the other hand, the fine folks of IGN take a more holistic approach to getting players all learned up. If you seek a complete and comprehensive guide on all things SimCity, then look no further than here. As in, right here.

Tips from across the pond

That's right, the British know a thing or two about build cities--hell, they helped build our earliest towns, after all. VideoGamer has quite the list of things to do, keep in mind and avoid while playing the newest installment of SimCity. Learn from the OG colonists right here.

Are you psyched for SimCity to land this week? Have some tips of your own? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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