Dragon Eternity moves from browsers to iPad later this month

Game Insight's Dragon Eternity launched on the web in open beta last year, and over one million players have since signed up to experience this fantasy-themed MMO. In an effort to bring even more players into the game, the developer has announced that Dragon Eternity will finally launch on iPad later this month.

Dragon Eternity stars two warring factions: the Vaalor and Sadar, giving players a chance to choose their alliance and one of three main classes: Paladins, Berserkers, and Witchers. Quests push players forward, and as they battle enemies and collect resources, they'll be able to use those resources in a large crafting system. Bringing in a "collect them all" element, players can even recruit monster companions to help them tackle the wilds in this RPG.


With the launch of Dragon Eternity on iPad, the game will become cross-platform, as players will be able to interact with one another across devices in the very same world. Android players aren't being ignored either, as an Android version of the game will launch later this year. For more information about Dragon Eternity, check out the screenshots above or head into the game's open beta on your web browser of choice.

Click here to play Dragon Eternity on PC >

Have you already played the open beta of Dragon Eternity on PC, or are you waiting for the game's launch on iPad? Sound off in the comments!

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