CivWorld heads into the sunset on May 29


After a rocky start, 2K's Civilization World (or CivWorld) on Facebook never really took off as well as many might have hoped. The Facebook version of the classic strategy series had its highest user base back in the summer of 2011, but the game never reached a level where it could be considered a runaway hit. With just 10,000 current monthly active users, 2K has announced that it will shut the game down on May 29.

Spotted by Inside Social Games (via Gamezebo), the news comes by way of the game's official Facebook fan page, which has this to say:

"Rulers of great civilizations, repent! The world is coming to an end! CivWorld will shortly cease operations and flow into the ethers, forever a fond memory of great triumphs. The last day for players to get more CivBucks using Facebook Credits will be April 2nd, 2013. The last day Civ World will be accessible is May 29th, 2013. We thank you for the time you spent with CivWorld, and beseech you to stay civilized on the other side."

2K's support website clarifies things for players, letting us know that while players can still purchase CivBucks, no refunds will be given for purchases made prior to or after this announcement. If you have CivBucks on your account, the only thing to do with them is spend them in the time we have remaining with the game. The game will still be monitored and regulated according to its Terms of Service, so you don't have to worry about the game suddenly becoming filled with nasty behavior, but after May 29, the game will unfortunately be shut down for good.

Are you sad to see 2K pull the plug on CivWorld on Facebook? Were you ever a fan of the Facebook version of the Civilization franchise? Sound off in the comments!