ChefVille 'Luck of the Bello' Quests: Everything you need to know

St. Patrick's Day is almost upon us, and ChefVille players everywhere are now being given the chance to celebrate the holiday with a new "Luck of the Irish" Stove and a series of three new quests: Luck of the Bello. These quests will only be available for the next six days, and we're here with a guide to help you get started!

Getting Lucky

  • Place and Build the Luck o' the Irish Stove

  • Collect 5 Eggs

  • Serve Smoked Quiche 3 Times

The Luck of the Irish Stove is a full-sized appliance that can be unwrapped using three energy. From there, you'll ned to collect five St. Patty's Stew Pots, five St. Patty's Carving Knives, five St. Patty's Cutting Boards, five St. Patty's Hand Towels, and five St. Patty's Potato Peelers. The Carving Knives and Potato Peelers are earned via a general news post shared on your wall, while the other three items are earned by sending out individual requests to your neighbors.

As for the Eggs, these can be collected both from Egg Crates and the actual Egg Fridge. Once you've finished the Luck of the Irish Stove, you'll be able to cook the Smoked Quiche using one Egg, two Cheddar Cheese, and two Dough each. Each one takes 10 minutes to prepare, so start them as soon as you can. You'll receive two Sirloin Beef, 10 XP, and two Golden Shamrocks for finishing this quest.

Beef and Bello

  • Tend the Mom n' Pop Shop to get 12 Beef

  • Eat 10 Dishes at your Neighbors' Restaurants

  • Have 3 Mastery Stars for Irish Steak and Chips

The Irish Steak and Chips takes 15 minutes to prepare, and requires one Irish Potato, two Sirloin Beef, and two Salt to cook. The Irish Potatoes, for now, can be earned by asking your friends to send them to you through individual requests. You'll need to cook the dish six times just to earn the first Mastery Star, so prepare to be on this quest for quite a while.

Meanwhile, it's worth noting that you'll need to tend your own Mom n' Pop Shop to compete this Beef task, as tending your friends' doesn't count. Also, while the quest window says that you need to tend the stall 12 times, this only counts if you've yet to complete the Shop's upgrade. In reality, the quest really just requires you to collect 12 new Sirloin Beef. That is, if your Shop is upgraded and you earn two Beef per collection, you'll only need to tend this Shop six times to complete this particular task.

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