Vengeance: Woz With A Coz brings Steve Wozniak to iPhone and iPad


Legendary tech figure Steve Wozniak may be best known for his time spent on Apple computers, but he now returns to the limelight in his first ever iPhone game: Vengeance: Woz with a Coz, which is now available to download on iPhone and iPad for $0.99. The game also stars actor Danny Trejo, as the unlikely duo teams up to stop a band of street thugs that have kidnapped "Woz's" virtual wife "J-Woz."

Woz with a Coz looks like the retro side-scrolling games of old, and it gives players plenty of weapons to choose from as they attack every baddie in sight. Items like clubs, pistols, shotguns, and even bazookas will come in handy as players jump, run or otherwise navigate through Fusion City. The game has been inspired by the upcoming Vengeance film, which is set to hit theaters later this year.


While the game has been available since late last year, it has just been updated with a new Vengeance mode that ramps up the difficulty by challenging players to survive as long as they can with a single life. In addition, GameCenter achievements have been added to the experience to give you something to shoot for each time you play.

Vengeance: Woz with a Coz is now available to download on iPhone 3GS and above, along with iPad 2 and newer models for $0.99. Check out the screenshots above for more, or simply head into the App Store to play the game right now!

Download Vengeance: Woz with a Coz on iOS for $0.99 >

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