ChefVille: Could changes to the quest system be coming?


It looks like Zynga might finally, mercifully be listening to player feedback when it comes to the amount of goals released in ChefVille. The developer has released a new survey that contains just a few questions, but they're all incredibly important to the future of the game.

The questions relate to the number of quests released, and what happens to exclusive items when players fail to complete limited edition series in time. Each asks players to rate how interested they would be if each option were implemented into the game. Here's the full breakdown of ideas.

  • Reducing the number of goals available to only three at a time

  • Giving players the option to pay Chef Cash to extend the timer on expired goals

  • Giving players the option to buy the rewards that were offered in expired goals

  • Showing rewards for each goal before they're completed

  • Giving players the option to remove goals that they're not interested in completing

  • Giving players the ability to sort the order in which goals appear in the menu

  • Giving players the chance to choose a difficulty level for goals, with rewards being scaled accordingly

  • Providing goals that have lengthier, deeper storylines

While the "pay for the rewards" option sounds promising, I wouldn't get too excited just yet, as that option will likely mean that items will cost Chef Cash to purchase if you happen to run out of time. If nothing else, we should definitely put more thought into the "three at a time" choice, as it could significantly improve the way the storyline progresses in ChefVille, giving diehard players something to work on at all times, but also allowing mid-level players the chance to stay caught up with the pack.

If you'd like to take the survey and make your own voice heard, head over to this link. We'll make sure to let you know if and when any of these ideas come to life in ChefVille proper, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of these potential changes to the quest system in ChefVille? Which options would you most like to see implemented into the game? Sound off in the comments!