ChefVille 'Pippa's Celebrity Banquet' Catering Order: Everything you need to know


The Hollywood Catering Event continues in ChefVille, as players can move on from "Caterer to the Stars" and start the second of six Hollywood themed events: Pippa's Celebrity Banquet. This order must be completed at the Gold Medal rating multiple times to earn all of the potential rewards, but finishing it once is definitely a success. We're here with a look at the tasks required for this order, thanks to Zynga.

Tend the Cheese Cellar
Cook either Bruschetta or Cheese Pizza
Cook Tangy Orange Chicken
Serve Mini Cheese Sandwiches

Remember, you'll need to have first completed the Caterer to the Stars mission before ever unlocking this Catering Order in your restaurant. From there, you can choose to cook either Bruschetta or Cheese Pizzas on the Brick Oven, depending on the ingredients you'd like to use. Bruschetta requires one Wheat Bread and two Tomatoes, while Cheese Pizzas require one Dough and one Mozzarella each. Both can be prepared quickly, in one or four minutes, respectively.

As for the Tangy Orange Chicken, this is prepared over on the Wok using five Oranges, five Chicken, and two Salt per batch. Each batch takes six hours to cook, but since this requirement simply asks you to "cook" the Tangy Orange Chicken, rather than actually "serving" it, you can simply start the dish, cancel it, and then start it all over again until the task is complete.

Finally, the Mini Cheese Sandwiches are made on the Party Platter Station using two Wheat Bread, one Mozzarella, and two Tomatoes per batch. Each serving takes two minutes to prepare.

Depending on how quickly you finish this order, you'll receive a different selection of prizes. You can earn up to four different prize packages just for repeatedly finishing this quest with the Gold Medal rating, while two prize packages are available for Silver and Bronze Medals.

Gold Reward (First Time): Madeline's Movie Poster, 10 One-Hour Thymes, 2 Instant Thymes
Gold Reward (Second Time): Bello's Movie Poster, 2 One-Hour Thymes
Gold Reward (Third Time): Rock's Movie Poster, 2 One-Hour Thymes
Gold Reward (Fourth Time and After): 5 One-Hour Thymes

Silver Reward (First Time): 2 Instant Thymes, 4 One-Hour Thymes, 500 coins, 50 XP
Silver Reward (Second Time and After): 4 One-Hour Thymes, 500 coins, 50 XP

Bronze Reward (First Time): 1 Instant Thyme, 1 Ingredient Bundle (Contains 2 Onions, 2 Salami, 2 Long Grain Rice, 2 Parmesan Cheese, and 1 Olive Oil), 50 coins, 10 XP
Bronze Reward (Second Time and After): 1 Ingredient Bundle, 50 coins, 10 XP

As you can see, there's plenty of work ahead of you here, but you only need to complete this order a single time to unlock the next order in the Hollywood Catering Event: The Community Theater Dinner. We'll bring you a guide to completing all of the other Hollywood Catering events as soon as we can, so stay tuned!

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What do you think of this second Hollywood Catering Order? Have you already finished it, or are you still working on the first order in this Hollywood event? Sound off in the comments!