ChefVille 'Movie Premiere Madness' Catering Order: Everything you need to know


The fourth order in ChefVille's Hollywood Catering event is now available for completion, and we're continuing in our look at these orders with a brand new guide to help you our. This "Movie Premiere Madness" order has multiple rewards for each of the Gold, Silver, and Bronze

Medal rankings, so stick with us as we go through it all! Here's a look at the tasks required to complete this order, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Tend the Flower Stand
Serve Fresh Veggie Tray
Cook either Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes or Quiche Barbara
Cook Jerk Chicken
Cook Chicken Parmesan

First things first, this order wants you to tend the Rose Flower Stand, so make sure to do that once every six hours. For the cooking tasks, you'll start with the Fresh Veggie Tray, which is available on the Party Platter Station. A single Tray requires one Carrot, one Broccoli, and two Ranch Dressing to prepare over a period of two minutes.

Moving on, the Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes and Quiche Barbara are both prepared in the Broiler. You can cook just one dish, or a combination of both to complete this particular task. The Cheesy Stuffed Tomatoes require two Tomatoes, one Mozzarella, and one Salt to cook every two minutes. Meanwhile, the Quiche Barbara requires one Dough and two Eggs, and is finished in five minutes.

As for the Jerk Chicken, this is a dish inside the Hollywood Glamour Station. It requires one Chicken, one Basil and one Pepper to create every six hours. The Chicken Parmesan is also a lengthy dish, requiring 10 Chicken, four Tomato Sauce, four Parmesan Cheese, and 16 hours to cook. Remember though, when you see "cook" instead of "serve" in a task or quest window, that means you can just cook the dish and immediately cancel it to earn progress, without having to actually serve it to your customers. This may be a waste of ingredients, but it saves a lot of time in the long run.

Your rewards will vary depending on how quickly you can complete all of these tasks. There are four reward packages available for the Gold Medal rating alone, with one being given away each time you complete this order with that specific Medal. Here's the full breakdown of available prizes.

Gold Reward (First Time): 2 Hollywood Glamour Counters, 10 One-Hour Thymes, 2 Instant Thymes
Gold Reward (Second Time): 2 Hollywood Glamour Counters, 2 One-Hour Thymes
Gold Reward (Third Time): 2 Hollywood Glamour Counters, 2 One-Hour Thymes
Gold Reward (Fourth Time and After): 5 One-Hour Thymes

Silver Reward (First Time): 2 Instant Thymes, 4 One-Hour Thymes, 500 coins, 50 XP
Silver Reward (Second Time and After): 4 One-Hour Thymes, 500 coins, 50 XP

Bronze Reward (First Time): 1 Instant Thyme, 1 Ingredient Bundle (Contains: 2 Onions, 2 Long Grain Rice, 2 Parmesan Cheese, 1 Olive Oil), 50 coins, 10 XP
Bronze Reward (Second Time and After): 1 Ingredient Bundle, 50 coins, 10 XP

While you're more than welcome to complete this order at least eight times to receive all eight different packages, you only need to finish it once to unlock the next order in the series. Good luck doing just that!

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