Memory Invaders combines Space Invaders and Memory on iOS, Android


Inspired by the classic game Space Invaders, Thumbr Games' Memory Invaders tests players' observational skills as well as their reflexes across 54 levels of "Memory meets Space Invaders." In each stage, players will need to turn over cards to find pairs, all the while defeating space ships that appear on the screen.

Originally priced at $1.99, Thumbr is offering a one week promotion on the game, bringing its price down to free on both iOS and Android. While the general premise might sound simple, it's actually a pretty chaotic setup, testing multiple parts of your brain. Levels become increasingly difficult as you go along, with some cards stacked on top of others, rotating cards and boss fights that see cards appearing slowly on the screen, rather than all being visible at once.

While $0.99 drops in price are pretty normal in the world of iPhone games, a drop from $1.99 to free doesn't happen everyday. Make sure to download Memory Invaders on your iOS or Android device now, while the game is still free, or check out the trailer below for more info.

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