Live a glamorous lifestyle in Stardoll's Glam Fever on iOS, Android


Female life simulators have been available on Facebook and iOS for some time, but now, online fashion portal Stardoll looks to throw its proverbial hat into the arena with Glam Fever, a new free-to-play iOS and Android game that's now available on your device of choice.

Glam Fever offers what you'd expect from a fashion simulation game, as players are allowed to choose from a variety of hairstyles and clothing options for their fierce female avatars, and then engage in "harmless flirting" with many of the game's handsome young bachelors. Everything from career management to the aforementioned flirting is handled through a variety of mini-games, like one that sees you shooting arrows through hearts that float across the top of the screen.

"We have established an amazing community on and wanted to give back to our players by providing a truly unique and unparalleled portable experience with Glam Fever," said Stardoll's VP of Mobile Games, Tobias Sjögren, via a company release."With Glam Fever, players can partake in an engaging environment that allows female players to immerse themselves completely into a fabulous virtual life of glam."

Whether you wish to become a mime, a nurse, or something altogether different, if you're into fashion, flirting, or job simulators, Glam Fever looks to contain everything you could want. Check out the trailer below for more, or simply download the game for free now on iOS or Android.

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Have you tried Glam Fever? How do you think the game holds up against other games in the genre? Sound off in the comments!