FarmVille 2 Groves: Everything you need to know


While trees in FarmVille 2 are great money-makers, it's hard to ignore how much space they take up on our farms. If your farm land is being overtaken by a massive orchard, you can now store your trees in Groves, saving water and potentially earning extra fruit in the process. We're here with a guide to this new Grove feature, thanks to Zynga. Let's get started!

Each grove can hold up to four trees, and if you place four matching trees into the same Grove, they'll produce extra fruit. What's more, Groves not only take up less space on your farm, but store trees also require less Water to grow. A full Grove requires four less Water to grow than trees that are simply sitting out on your farmland. Of course, before you can access all of these

great features, you'll need to build a Grove on your farm.

A single Grove can be built using eight Buckets of Paint, eight Bags of Grove Soil, and eight Wood Planks. These are earned by simply asking your friends to send them to you. When you've collected all of the building materials, you'll need to ask four friends to work as builders within the Grove before actually finishing it off.

After a Grove has been completed, it needs to have four trees within it to properly function, and there are a few rules that go along with this. If you place a watered tree into a Grove, it will immediately lose its "watered" status, so don't waste Water beforehand. In addition, if you ever wish to remove a tree from a Grove, it can't be removed until it has matured.

As one final note, the timer for how long it takes to harvest a Grove is measured based on an average of the timers of the four trees placed inside. That being the case, you wouldn't want to place low-harvest time trees in with higher harvest time trees, or it will take those lesser trees much longer to grow than normal. Remember, you can purchase additional Groves in the game's market to store as many trees as you have coins to purchase. Good luck!

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