Chasing Yello is one incredibly entertaining endless runner on iOS


While goldfish tend to lead fairly boring lives, that's not the case for poor little Yello, a fish owned by a crazy young girl named Mathilda. Whether she plans to eat Yello or just torture this poor fish isn't exactly clear, but your goal remains the same: you'll help Yello swim as far as he can towards the top of the screen in this challenging endless runner (or, shall we say "endless swimmer").

Chasing Yello offers tilt controls, rather than the traditional virtual joysticks or tap and hold controls. Tilt your iOS device left or right to see Yello move in the same direction, and swipe up or down on the screen to cause Yello to jump or dive past obstacles. The tilt controls work well here, as Yello responds well to even the slightest of tilts, and it's easy to make some precise movements as you both tilt and swipe up or down on the device's screen at the same time.

Power-ups and obstacles lie in Yello's path on each run, including stars that can be used as currency to purchase additional power-ups, characters, or basic upgrades. Once you purchase power-ups like rockets or magnets, you'll be able to pick these up at random during each swim, with rockets sending Yello high into the air and past a series of obstacles, and magnets causing Yello to pick up all stars in the surrounding water automatically.

While each run mainly deals with avoiding the obstacles that lie in the water ahead of Yello (including logs, bridges, and piranhas), Mathilda is constantly on your tail as well. Whether she's running alongside Yello on the shoreline or trying to catch up to him in her boat, she's one obstacle that you'll never be able to completely remove from the game, but you can do your best to avoid her.

Missions keep you pushing forward, and the environments eventually change as you reach greater distances. The game is incredibly pretty, with some muted colors and a fine attention to detail. Yello comes with some cute animations, like a look of panic with Mathilda appears in a stage and an even funnier look of success when she falls off of the screen. Even the stars have been animated nicely, as stars that rest above obstacles (ones that you'd have to jump to reach) are larger than those that rest on the water's surface, indicating that they're closer to the "screen."

If the repetition of the endless runner gameplay ever gets boring, you can also tackle the game's challenge levels. These play in much the same way as the base game, but they're incredibly challenging (as the name suggests) and come with three set goals that must be completed in order to actually pass the challenge. Needless to say, it will take most players a ton of time before they actually complete not only all of these challenges, but also unlock and upgrade everything there is to buy in the store.

Chasing Yello is already on one of the top free games in the iTunes App Store, but if you'd like to help the game grow even more, you can now download it for free on iPhone or iPad.

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