Castle Champions mixes Tiny Tower and medieval battles on iOS


While we've seen games released in the tower-building "Tiny Tower" genre time and time again, Gamenauts looks to add a unique spin to this gameplay via the inclusion of head-to-head battles against opposing armies.

Coming soon to iOS, Castle Champions will see tower builders given a blank slate that they can customize with over 40 different rooms, all of which come in one of three varieties: a Mage Guide, Residential room, or Industrial zone. The Mage Guilds give you spaces for your Mages to train, while the Residential wings can each house six citizens in your tower. Finally, the Industrial buildings will produce goods to fulfill citizens' needs, and all three must be used in harmony to create a massive army.

You'll be able to use not only Mages, but also archers, melee fighters and more, with battles taking place both inside and outside of the castle. Castle Champions looks to contain a quest system that will keep you pushing forward, and timers on building projects that slow down the progress or encourage the purchase of premium currency to speed them up. All told, it looks exactly as it sounds: Castle Champions is Tiny Tower, with medieval battles, and it's set to launch on iPhone and iPad on March 14. Check back with us then for a full review.

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