Atlanta Mansion Has its Own Baseball Diamond (House of the Day)

Atlanta mansion with baseball diamond
Atlanta mansion with baseball diamond

We've seen backyards with shooting ranges and hockey rinks, but we've never seen a backyard with a full-size baseball diamond before -- until now. Though it's no Wrigley Field or Fenway Park, the backyard on this Atlanta mansion is about the next best thing, we think. Baseball not really your thing? No worries. This $9.7 million beast of a home also boasts a helicopter pad for the aviation-obsessed, and a Hartley-Botanic greenhouse for the green thumbs.

Still not impressed? The home itself is a Mediterranean masterpiece, boasting terrazzo floors, dripping crystal chandeliers and even walls upholstered in silk. Our friends at Curbed joke that the home is so outlandish that the elevator seems "more like an afterthought." A classy home run or a gaudy strikeout? You decide.

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